Cathy Buckle - A Memorial
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Cathy at SCA Dance Practice

The note on the back reminds me that this photo was taken by Brenda Nicolson at Seagirt dance practice, 1987. Anybody else remember that little church in Fernwood, off of Bay Street?

I Remember Cathy

I remember Cathy as always being eager to be where she was -- at a dance practice or an event -- and excited about what she was doing. Usually she'd be carrying something that she was researching and working on, or wearing a beautifully designed and lovingly finished piece of garb that she had just completed. She always seemed to be doing more, to be learning more.

She was knowledgeable, and shared her knowledge easily. I took a class that she taught on basic needlework skills. Even thought she had long ago mastered the skills that she was teaching us, she was patient, kind, and happy to be talking about needlework with us.

I ran into Cathy every once in a while after I stopped play much with the SCA. I remember that she was so excited to be working at Point Ellice House energized by the history she was helping to preserve and to be appreciated. She had some great ghost stories from working there, too.

After I started working at the public library, I discovered that she was working at Tech Services. She was between treatments at the time. She was cheerful, positive and, I think, just happy to be working around books. I know that many people throughout the library system remember her fondly.

The last time I ran into Cathy, she had come to listen to Holly's singing class in their end-of-term performance. I was there because I'm also in that class. Talking with Cathy afterward, I was impressed by the fact that after all she'd been through, she sill seemed to me to be largely herself -- cheerful, friendly, and with something to talk about that she was excited about sharing.

I wish her well on her next adventure, and I'm sure that whatever it is, she'll approach it with energy, enthusiasm, a keen mind and a kind. heart.

- Catherine Cardiff (mka Myfannwy MacNessa)

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