George Robinson, Vancouver Island Pioneer

1869 - 1870: Dentistry And Temperance

Some time in 1869, George Robinson's interest in the Theatre Photographic Gallery was sold to photographer J.A. Craig, and having fulfilled his contract with the Queen Charlotte Coal Company, George was free to return to Victoria and devote his entire time to his dental business. The Colonist's issue of January 22nd, 1870, advertised this fact.


"MR. GEORGE ROBINSON RESPECTFULLY informs those of his friends and the public who wish to avail themselves of his professional services, that he will have pleasure in waiting upon them at their residences (if in or near town), upon their leaving a written request for him to do so either at

Messrs Moore & Co's Drug Store, Yates Street
Mr. T. Shotbolt's Drug Store, Johnson Street

Or at his residence,
Victoria West."

We have already noted George's antipathy to the Demon Rum. His feelings in this regard had not changed a bit, as evidenced by a copy of a letter taken from Masonic Files and now held in the Provincial Archives.

"Victoria V.I. July 18/70

To the Worshipful Master of
British Columbia Lodge No. 1187
of F & A M - E R

Sir & Brother,
I hereby prefer a charge against Brother Bunte of this Lodge, for unmasonic conduct, in having several days past been in a state of almost perpetual drunkenness, and of having, whilst in that state, been guilty of conduct wholly incompatible with the character of a Mason.

I am

Yours Fraternally

George Robinson"

From the same Archives file, we locate a copy of the luckless John Bunte's reply to this charge. Bunte stated in a letter dated August 2nd, 1870 that he was "much grieved at the charge made against me and trust you will be lenient to me as I am determined to reform."

This ends our written record of George Robinson's activities in Victoria, neither did he return again to the Queen Charlottes.

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