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Note: this page is no longer being maintained, so some of the links may not work. However, as there are a lot of links to it, I have decided to leave it on the site for now. There is more information on website promotion in my library of Internet related articles.

The following locations welcome submissions of URLs or homepage addresses. Some of them create instant pointers and some like to check the page out before adding a pointer to your page. AND they're all FREE. If you find any free pointers which are not listed here or that some of these places are no longer free or are not operating, please e-mail Word Crunchers, Etc. at Good luck and happy surfing!

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** Almost Free

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The following pages have lists of sites which will provide pointers or other Internet advertising of your homepage.However, they are not all free. Nor have I checked them all out. I include them for those people wish to pay for their Internet advertising.

Pointers to Pointers Publicizing Your Web Site
Submit It! Yahoo's Business Directories
Yahoo's WWW Announcement Services

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